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We are a Indonesian run team that partners with local expertise. In the garment industry we have the know how ro simplify the journey for you – from design to retail.

Dewata Bali Manufacturers can assist you with anything from
helping you launch your new swimwear range, assisting with designs, design consulting or producing designs you already have specified.
We have worked with many international labels assisting them with launching their labels, producing their swimwear productions and also designing for their swimwear lines.
The process starts by submitting your designs to our team so our Designer, Production Manager and Lead Tailor can evaluate. If you are unable to come to Bali for this process and meet with the team, correspondence will be via email.
Once our team has evaluated your designs to ensure we clear on what you require, we will move forward to sampling each design. Once samples have been ‘perfected’ and have your approval for each design a production order can be placed. Any minor/major adjustments to the design aspect of the product will require a re-sample before production can commence.
Availability for sampling and production times will be communicated to you as we are organising your sample and production order requirements. Once we can ascertain the specifics of your order we can advise what availability we have open in our schedule.

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